What Tech Do You Take With You On Holiday?

Booking executive airport transfers in Gloucestershire and whisking yourself away on holiday is the perfect time to go on a digital detox… but, let’s be honest, this probably isn’t going to happen. Can you imagine a week without your smartphone? How will you find any of the top sights and attractions while you’re away? How will you let everyone know what a fantastic time you’re having? It’s just nonsensical, wouldn’t you agree?

But chances are there are some gadgets you could easily forego if you’re strict enough with yourself… and it means there’s less for potential pick-pockets to make off with while you’re admiring the Coliseum.

New research from Lloyds Bank has just revealed the top tech devices that people took with them on their last holiday, with the top 13 emerging as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, laptops, eReaders, mp3 players, fitness monitors, Sat Navs, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, GoPros and disposable cameras.

Some of these would certainly count as essential items – you don’t want to forget your phone, camera or headphones, after all – but some are a little easier to go without than others. Do you, for example, absolutely have to take your fitness monitor with you? Or what about your laptop? Unless it’s a business trip, that could probably stay at home.

Bear in mind that you might have a long way to travel and a long way to carry all your belongings, so keeping packing to a minimum might be a wise idea. Suitcases might also get lost in transit and if you have all your worldly gadgets in there, you’re going to be left a bit frustrated. What about giving yourself a bit of a digital break and leave a few items behind at home?

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