The Dos And Don’ts Of Holiday Car Rental

When going on holiday in the European Union, renting a car for the duration can be a practical way to get around in your destination. However, it can be helpful to familiarise yourself with some important dos and don’ts to avoid falling foul of the rules.

Recent reports suggest that the car rental market is a common source of complaints among consumers and the European Consumer Centre (ECC) advises consumers not to focus alone on getting the cheapest deal at the expense of other concerns, like unexpected costs.

The organisation suggests that when hiring a car, motorists should check what’s included in the final quote, such as extras like child seats and airport surcharges. It’s also worth checking whether the vehicle can be returned with a full or empty fuel tank.

When collecting the car, the driver should be provided with a document detailing any damage the vehicle has. At this point, it’s wise to ask for the car hire company’s policies with regards to breakdowns and accidents to ensure you know what’s covered by the insurance policy and what’s not, the ECC states.

During the rental period, drivers should follow breakdown instructions provided by the car hire firm and record names and addresses of those involved in the event of an accident.

Returning the vehicle in working hours is preferable, so it can be inspected. The vehicle’s condition should be confirmed and any documents signed. Vehicles returned outside working hours should be left in the designated area and will usually be assessed the following day.

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