Don’t Forget The Sun Cream On Your Summer Holidays!

Going on a summer holiday this year and just booked executive airport transfers in Gloucestershire? Then just make sure that you’ve packed some sun cream in your suitcase somewhere – or you could find you’re literally red in the face.

New research from Direct line Travel Insurance has just revealed that 23 per cent of Brits actually don’t wear sun cream when they’re out and about in the sun, while more than a third have been sunburnt in the last year.

You should also know the difference between SPF and UVA sunscreen protection – which a lot of us don’t, it would seem. SPF is the ability of a sun cream to filter out UVB rays, while the star rating on such products indicates how good it is at filtering out UVA rays.

Advice from the NHS to prevent sunburn, whether you’re overseas or in the UK, is to wear suitable clothing, wear sunscreen with a UVA rating of at least four and an SPF of at least 15, and to spend some time in the shade.

“People who are sunburnt should stay out of the sun, avoid alcohol, ensure they are hydrated and use after sun lotions to heal their skin. Those suffering from severe sunburn, or sunstroke should seek medical attention,” head of travel insurance with Direct Line Tom Bishop said.

Those of you with lots of freckles or moles have a higher risk of skin cancer than average so you need to be particularly careful in the sun. Report any changes in your skin to your doctor as soon as you can.

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